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July 2020

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Trending Up, Make Your Voice Heard,
and Kudos!

For those wanting some positive news and that glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel, allow me to share the latest information from our sales team. After a few difficult months, we enjoyed some solid wins in June, including the booking of 26 groups, 15 of which are for this fall and 2021. These confirmed groups include both single hotel groups and large conventions, such as the American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics for 2023 and the American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation for 2025.

What’s more, through the first half of 2020, we have booked a total of 55,355 net room nights, taking into account new bookings minus the cancelled meetings, conventions and events, of course. In addition, lead generation has picked up, an indicator that positive developments are on the horizon following the dearth of good news we’ve all endured since mid-March.

With the winter season ending so abruptly and with everything else going on, you may have missed the discussions, planning and suggested options on the table for mitigating traffic in Little Cottonwood Canyon, something that is critically important to locals and visitors alike and will have a definite impact on all stakeholders for decades to come. Here is a link to the project’s website that includes the proposed options (with the caveat there are actually two gondola options). I strongly hope and encourage you to offer input as to the option you feel most viable, noting the deadline to submit public comment is this Friday, July 10.

Finally, I cannot express enough gratitude for the leadership at Salt Lake County, from Mayor Wilson on down the line, for their collective and decisive actions in helping flatten the curve to prevent our medical facilities from being overrun, including mandating masks in all public locations.

Stay safe and we will get through this, together!

 Kaitlin Eskelson

Kaitlin Eskelson

Tip of The Month

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Tip of The Month: COVID-19
Business Updates

Along with the official start of summer, residents are emerging from their homes to support our hospitality community. We are happy to announce that VSL has resources available to your business so you can easily share information about the safety and sanitation measures that your establishment is enacting to keep customers and staff safe and healthy.

We have added several new COVID-19 related fields in the Member Portal that are reflected on your member listing. These optional fields include what your social distancing guidelines are, whether or not you utilize sneeze guards or if you offer take-out. Similar to the other YES/NO amenities simply fill out the questionnaire for the proper notations to appear on our website. Click here for a step-by-step guide how to access these resources.

For additional information and assistance please contact Miranda Maisto.

Stoneground Kitchen

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Featured Member: Stoneground Kitchen

Last month one of our “tastiest” members, Stoneground Kitchen, celebrated a milestone 20th anniversary! Owner Bob McCarthy and Head Chef Justin Shifflett have been keeping tradition strong the past two decades with always fresh house-made fare. Voted one of the Top 15 of Utah Restaurants in both 2015 and 2016 by Salt Lake Magazine, this downtown gem offers a wide array of authentic Italian food from hand-made pasta to NY style pizza.

Stoneground is open for both limited in-house dining (with safe social distancing) as well as curbside service. Located on the second-story of a downtown loft, you’ll enjoy views of Library Square’s unique architecture as you sink your teeth into gnocchi a la vodka or their delicious house lasagna. Be sure to save room for Stoneground’s famous home-made donuts for dessert!

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