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November 2020
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VSL Project Updates

I’d like to introduce and update you on a few programs we have undertaken in an effort to help combat the crushing impact and assist in the recovery of COVID-19, both short and long-term.

As many of you have heard, we are creating the Visit Salt Lake Broadcast Center, a multi-faceted facility supporting not only VSL’s efforts in the meeting, convention and event space but also enhance the distribution of our messaging and that of our members and partners throughout our community. Thanks to the generous support of Salt Lake County and CARES Act funding, the Broadcast Center will allow meeting planners to host hybrid events from the Salt Palace and other venues, combining in-person events with streamed content to those unable to attend in person, a growing expectation of meeting professionals and event planners.

There are a number of additional uses envisioned for the Broadcast Center, including our Sales team streaming bid presentations and hosting virtual site tours, and amplifying our message to locals and would-be travelers alike. The vision of VSL’s Broadcast Center is that of a traditional television news studio located in the Salt Palace’s Visitor Center, featuring a robust technology package capable of managing our needs and those of meeting clients, including the ability to broadcast remotely when the opportunity presents itself. We recently completed the RFP process for the Broadcast Center, and I am thrilled to announce that Modern Display and Cornerstone have jointly been awarded the contract, with design, equipment procurement and build-out to begin immediately.

As you may recall, the Global Biorisk Advisory Council (GBAC) Accreditation Program is a performance-based program that establishes infectious disease prevention work practices to control risks associated with diseases like COVID-19. I am happy to report that through the program, VSL—in partnership with a CARES Act Grant through Salt Lake County—sponsored the accreditation of 24 Salt Lake hotels, venues and attractions in an effort to establish traveler confidence and work toward making Salt Lake County the safest place in the nation to visit and conduct business.

Finally, our value-added promotion encouraging travel and overnight lodging bookings to Salt Lake County, Salt Lake Bound = FREEdom Found, is in full swing. The campaign offers incentives to book overnight stays throughout the County, including $200 Delta Air Lines’ travel vouchers, $100 in Sinclair gas cards, Connect Passes and Super Passes.

And lastly, please wear a face covering/mask anytime you’re out in public so we can get our case counts down to ensure our economy continues to rebound, particularly as we head into the winter months.

 Kaitlin Eskelson

Kaitlin Eskelson

Kyra Condie & Nathaniel Coleman - Team USA Climbers

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Kyra Condie & Nathaniel Coleman
Salt Lake's Team USA Climbers

Many know Salt Lake for its incredible mountains. But did you know Salt Lake also has incredible mountain climbers? Meet Kyra Condie and Nathaniel Coleman, both Team USA climbers for the Tokyo Olympics. Originally, the Tokyo Olympics were scheduled for 2020, but due to the pandemic have been postponed to Summer 2021. Nathaniel and Kyra are two athletes in the United States’ four-member athletic team for the Sport Climbing event, which will make its Olympic debut in Tokyo.

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Caputo's Chocolate Festival

We could all use a little “sweetness” in our lives right now and we have a way for you to satisfy your sweet tooth from the comfort of your own home.

On Thursday, November 19th, Caputo’s is hosting their 9th annual Chocolate Festival, featuring Pump Street Chocolate from Suffolk, UK. This virtual fundraiser, whose proceeds benefit the Heirloom Cacao Preservation Fund, features creative chefs from Normal Ice Cream and Nomad Eatery, showcasing Pump Street’s bean to bar chocolate in both sweet and savory recipes, all accompanied by an inspired cocktail mix from Water Witch Bar.

This mouth-watering virtual event begins at 6 p.m. on the 19th. Tickets are $75 for festival entrance and tasting kit (which includes Pump Street’s Eccles cake) for pick up in Salt Lake. $100 tickets are also available for those who would like the tasting kit shipped directly to their door. Participation is limited and, as you would expect, tickets are expected to sell out quickly. All tickets must be purchased in advance on Caputo’s website.

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Featured Member — Spin

Headquartered in San Francisco, Spin, an electric scooter company, is recognized as launching the first stationless mobility program in the U.S. Their mission is “to give people the freedom to move, and bring people, communities and their urban environments closer together.” During the COVID-19 pandemic, Spin’s services have helped fill gaps left by restrictions in more transit services. Working closely with business improvement districts, community organizations and advocacy groups, Spin ensures their program offerings help drive riders to local businesses. Since coming to Salt Lake, Spin has developed partnerships with The Downtown Alliance, The Westside Business Coalition, The Sugar House Community Council and many others. As a company committed to sustainability, Spin is constantly working to establish itself as a mobility operator and community partner committed to being a true transportation solution ally in the fight against climate change.

Spin is currently working on submitting an RFP to Salt Lake City to be one of the two vendors chosen by Salt Lake City for their new Electric Scooter Program, so you will hopefully be seeing more of their bright orange scooters around the city in the near future!


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Carson Kitchen — New Member Photo

Meet Our New Members!

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