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October 2020
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2021 VSL Work Plan & Awards Presented

For those unable to attend this afternoon’s 3rd Quarter Board Meeting and Tourism Leadership Luncheon at Rio Tinto Stadium, please know it was incredible to finally hold a Membership meeting in person, my first in this role. Both Cliff Doner and I had the pleasure of presenting our 2021 Work Plan & Budget and presenting some very special awards.

Though 2020 has been difficult for those of us in the hospitality industry, 2021 is just around the corner and an opportunity for Visit Salt Lake, our members and our community as a whole to not only recover from the crushing effects of COVID-19 but to look forward and excel, taking advantage of the opportunities that are sure to present themselves.

In order to do so, our collective defining strategy will focus on four major themes: Safety, Sales, Service and Sentiment. I encourage you to click here for our 2021 Executive Summary and Work Plan, where each of these themes are spelled out in detail as well as the programs we will undertake to ensure our community and our visitor economy will not only recover but, in due time, excel.

We also recognized a number individuals with special awards at the meeting, the first of which was the long-overdue presentation of the annual Dianne Nelson Binger Sales Leadership Award to Sally Tilson O’Neill, one of our most tenured and most productive sales directors at VSL. The second presentation was to Bill Wyatt, Executive Director of the Salt Lake City Department of Airports, the recipient of this year’s Tourism Achievement Award, VSL’s highest honor. We also recognized Chris Erickson, our Past Chair, as well as Cliff Doner for his second term as Interim CEO.

Again, I encourage you to review our 2021 Work Plan, and I thank you for your continued support of our efforts

 Kaitlin Eskelson

Kaitlin Eskelson

Three Multicultural Restaurants to Explore in Salt Lake City — Photo

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Three Multicultural Restaurants to Explore in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City has a healthy breadth of multicultural cuisine baked into the pockets of our neighborhoods, and there’s no shortage of fun to be had by anyone hungry. With so many offerings afforded Salt Lakers, selecting a place to start can perhaps feel like a daunting distillation of the paradox of choice. If you’re new to the city and want to expand your palate options, here are three incredible businesses that offer some of Salt Lake’s finest food.

You Are Here Website Photo

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You Are Here Website is now LIVE!

The Salt Palace Convention Center, Mountain America Exposition Center and Salt Lake County Equestrian Park are excited to announce that the “You Are Here” Experience website is now live! “You Are Here” graphically represents our commitment to promote change in our industry, community and the world around us. This commitment was inspired and crafted by ASM Global Salt Lake employees and the “You Are Here” artwork that is viewable at the main entrance to the Salt Palace.

Within this new website, employees and clients will be able to explore the world of “You Are Here” including our commitment to safety and security, customer service, environmental responsibility, diversity and community well-being and partnership.

This is a big step for bringing the “You Are Here” experience to our community and clients, and we encourage you to visit the website as we share a behind-the-scenes look at the “You Are Here” experience.

Utah Pride Road Rally Photo

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Join the Utah Pride Road Rally

Come celebrate with the Utah Pride Center at the first annual Pride Road Rally, where everyone is invited to “Come Out and Drag Main” this year on National Coming Out Day, Sunday, October 11th.

Due to the pandemic, the Utah Pride Center has gotten creative in order to keep the center’s lifesaving programs and services available to the LGBTQ+ community. With authorization by Salt Lake City and the Utah Healthy Department, PRIDE 2.0 is on the calendar!

This year, in lieu of decorated floats and thousands of people packed along the street, all are invited to decorate cars and bikes and join in the Road Rally along a stretch of Main Street between 700 South and 2100 South. Fundraising will be from teams of 1 – 100 vehicles who will be competing for top honors in most donations raised, where the winning teams will be recognized at the rally. Each team will meet at 14 designated locations across Northern Utah and caravan to downtown Salt Lake City to drag Main Street. If you are not able to join the caravan, live streaming will be available on the Pride website so that everyone can join the fun in a safe manner.


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