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August 2020
Salt Lake Bound = FREEdom Found

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COVID-19 Recovery Programs

I’m excited to introduce you to a few programs Visit Salt Lake is undertaking and promoting for the benefit of you, our members. The first is the Global Biorisk Advisory Council (GBAC) Star Accreditation, which establishes requirements to assist facilities in their cleaning, disinfection and infectious disease prevention work practices to control risks associated with infectious agents. The GBAC Star Program is performance-based and sets out requirements and places responsibility for facilities to demonstrate that infectious disease prevention work practices, protocols, procedures and systems are established and implemented.

To assist our members interested in obtaining this critical accreditation, through the County we applied for and received CARES Act grant funding to offset the entire cost associated with completing this 4-6 week program. Our goal in facilitating businesses to become certified is to make Salt Lake County the safest in the nation, which will prove to be an incredible asset as meetings, conventions and leisure travel returns to Salt Lake in earnest. It will also benefit the residents of our state who utilize the certified venues, stay in certified hotels and dine in certified restaurants. Look for an email from our Partner Development team inviting interested members to an introductory webinar.

Along the lines of promoting travel to Salt Lake and assist in our COVID-19 recovery, we launched a value-added promotion to encourage travel and overnight lodging bookings to Salt Lake County earlier this week: Salt Lake Bound = FREEdom Found, offering incentives to book overnight stays through our no-commission booking engine. Understanding that people are more likely to travel by car initially, travelers booking two-plus nights can choose either a $50 Sinclair gas card or two (2) two-day Connect Passes. As travel picks up and the new, $4.1 billion Salt Lake City International Airport opens next month, the Salt Lake Bound = FREEdom Found promotion is adding the option to choose between a $200 Delta Air Lines’ travel voucher or two (2) one-day Ski City Super Passes to hotel and lodging reservations of three-plus nights.

Finally, I encourage you and your business to take the pledge to “Stay Safe to Stay Open,” the statewide campaign to meet the critical imperatives of helping Utah address the health-related objectives to prevent and recover from COVID-19 while at the same time assisting the business community in an effort to appropriately strengthen our state’s economy.

Again, our goal is to assist you, our valued members, and generate travel to our community which, in turn, will help in our collective recovery from this pandemic we are all experiencing.

Stay safe and we will get through this, together!

 Kaitlin Eskelson

Kaitlin Eskelson

12th Annual Craft Lake City

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The 12th Annual Craft Lake City
Festival is Now Virtual!

In 2009, the first Craft Lake City DIY Festival launched with the mission to educate, promote and inspire local artisans while elevating the creative culture of the Utah arts community through science, technology and art. Craft Lake City does this by showcasing locals with exceptional technical skill and promoting regional spending through creative commerce in Utah. Although 2020’s Festival will be hosted in a virtual reality environment, the format has been designed so you can still interact with 150-plus craftspeople, makers and engineers who craft with technology, create innovative household products and decorative objects.

Utah’s Procurement Technical Assistance Center

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Tip of The Month: Utah’s Procurement Technical Assistance Center

As businesses adapt to new economic realities and look for ways to innovate and improve, we wanted to share an opportunity with you that could have a positive impact on your company. Utah’s Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC) is a division of the Governor’s Office of Economic Development, whose mission is to help Utah small businesses successfully compete in the government marketplace by helping them find, bid and win procurement opportunities with federal, state, and local government entities.

Through one-on-one and group counseling, PTAC educates and assists businesses to more effectively compete in the government marketplace. Government contracting can be complicated. However, PTAC provides bid matching services to help businesses identify relevant contracting opportunities and then offers technical assistance of the government contracting process including, but not limited to, B2G marketing, diversity program eligibility and solicitation response document review. PTAC also assists Utah contractors/vendors/suppliers with other aspects of the procurement process assessment.

To date, PTAC has successfully assisted hundreds of Utah small businesses who have been awarded close to $500 billion. If your small business is looking for a way to expand its customer base, government contracting may be an option. For more information, you may email them at or call 801-231-9402.


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Featured Member: VENETO Ristorante Italiano

Join the famiglia di Stevanoni in celebrating their third consecutive year being recognized by Wine Spectator with the “Best of Award of Excellence.” Located just a few blocks west of 9th and 9th, foodies can enjoy the luxuries of table-side wine service while selecting from a list of over 600 curated bottles alongside a seven-course tasting menu or a la carte specialties including homemade pastas and 90+ day dry-aged T-bone steaks.

The team of Marco Stevanoni, an importer of wines and native of Verona, Italy (a province within the region of Veneto), and wife Amy offer VENETO diners in Salt Lake City the authenticity of traditional northeastern Italian cuisine in the cozy atmosphere of a refinished, classic Salt Lake style bungalow home. And in keeping with European tradition, their establishment is one of Salt Lake’s few non tipping restaurants.

If take-out is your current go-to dining option, don’t overlook their homemade pizzas, panini, pastas, salads, bread, entrees, and desserts for ready-to-go family meals. Or for dine-in with additional spacing, simply make a reservation and request seating in one of the two outdoor patios.


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Open for Business

American Express if offering free Open for Business Kits to members. These are useful tools for small and medium-sized businesses.


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Fort Douglas Military Museum

Meet Our New Members!


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