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April 2020

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I’m now just over two weeks into my role as Visit Salt Lake’s president & CEO and you’ve likely received more member updates from me than either of us ever expected, but it’s because I want to ensure you that we – me and the entire Visit Salt Lake team – is here for you, your business and your employees during this global crisis. I also want you to know that we will get through this, together.

We are working hard to be your go-to source for everything you and your staff may need, including a number of COVID-19-specific resource pages on our website, pages that we update as soon as new information becomes available. The primary “COVID-19 Update” page includes a number of additional resource pages as well, including: Business Disaster Recovery Financial Resources, the source for local, state and national loan programs and financial assistance, insurance and employment information; Virtual Events listing the many opportunities available to experience Salt Lake, virtually; Restaurants with Curbside Pickup, an invaluable list of restaurants serving our community and those I encourage you to continue to support; and #SaltLakeStronga page dedicated to the many positive stories coming from our community.

In addition, I recently appointed a team of eight VSL staff members to be part of the SBA Rapid Response Team, knowledgeable with the many financial assistance options and programs available. Each team member will devote 10-15 hours per week to assist you, our member businesses, through this financially difficult time and get you the help you need. This effort is being headed up by Michael Mack, so please reach out to him for any questions you may have.

Finally, according to various trusted reports, models and sources – including our own Cliff Doner – the forecast for the travel industry, and Salt Lake in particular, is promising once we get through this initial shock to our collective system. To illustrate this point, our sales’ team booked 55,000 future room nights in the month of March. Yes, 2020 will be down considerably with a good rebound in 2021 and 2022 projections matching those of 2019, which was a record for our community. And when travel and tourism rebounds, we will be ready.

As I’ve been saying and will continue to do so, “We will get through this, together!”

 Kaitlin Eskelson

Kaitlin Eskelson

Annual Report

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VSL’s 2019 Annual Report

The team at Visit Salt Lake tallied yet another record-breaking year in 2019, including room nights booked: 819,660! That marks the fifth consecutive record year for hotel room nights booked.

Another critical aspect to the long-term success of Salt Lake’s hospitality community was the completion of the convention center hotel contract in 2019, a project that will have a lasting impact on Salt Lake’s collective hospitality industry, as it will allow the VSL team to bid on and secure more and larger meetings, conventions, and events.

In this time of transition for our destination and Visit Salt Lake, we would like to thank you for your continued support and confidence in our efforts to fulfill our mission on behalf of Salt Lake.

To view the complete 2019 Annual Report, go here.

Salt Lake Virtual Tours

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Salt Lake Virtual Tours

Just because we’re all cooped up and being responsible, it doesn’t mean we all can’t explore a bit. We’ve created five virtual itineraries (and a collection of our favorite Salt Lake videos) for you and yours to venture out virtually during this time of social distancing. Check out 360-degree virtual tour videos and soak in Salt Lake from wherever you’re staying.


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Tip of the Month

As we move down a path we have never taken before, we want to remind you—even though you are ‘working from home,’ in social-isolation or simply distancing yourself from others—to please take the time to take care of yourself. Too easily we can become bogged down with the worries of each day (especially now) and we forget to be gentle and caring to ourselves. Take the time:

To go outside and enjoy the elements be it rain, snow, wind or sunshine. Look up at the sky, the clouds, see the trees, hear the birds and feel the breeze on your face. Go for a hike or a bike ride, or just walk the dog—you know they want to go. The outdoors has a magical way of changing perspectives and offering stability and hope. So venture out, if only for a few minutes, and take back with you a fresher outlook.

Once back inside, turn off the TV, take up that book you’ve been meaning to read, reconnect with friends by phone or video chat, play the guitar that’s sitting by your bed or knit that sweater, play games with the kids, paint that door or groom your dog. This is a strange time but also a time of opportunity to experience the simplicities of life, to find the beauty in our surroundings and the joy in what is truly meaningful to us.

Take care of you, and be #SaltLakeStrong!

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Featured Member

We typically feature a new member of Visit Salt Lake in this section. But as everyone already knows, these are not “typical” times, so in lieu of featuring one business we have opted to share some ideas on how we can support all small businesses.

  • Buy a gift card. By purchasing a gift card from the places you usually shop or dine, you are providing cash flow for the business and can redeem the card later.
  • Virtually connect with local establishments. Follow your favorites through social media, websites and newsletters. This will also provide the opportunity to see if they are offering alternative ways to shop with them, such as shopping for products online or curbside food pick up.
  • Consider how you cancel. If you are financially able, consider not asking for a refund due to a cancellation and look at the gesture as a donation, a way to support a particular cultural organization or business.
  • Magnify your support. Provide businesses with a shout-out on social media, write glowing reviews and talk them up through word-of-mouth to friends.

Visit Salt Lake wants you to know that we are working daily to keep you informed and provide the resources necessary to get through this crisis. Our partners are invaluable to us and we are available at any time to help answer questions and guide you through this. Together, we will navigate this new landscape so that when the dust settles, we all will be ready to jump back in stronger than ever!

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New Member Benefits

New Member Benefit

As of April 1st, 2020, a member-specific directory only accessible to our partners resides in the REPORTS tab of the Member Portal. Find the step-by-step instructions to update your information and access this new resource through the Member Portal Partner Bulletins or contact Miranda Maisto for assistance.


Virtual Events

Virtual Events

Now Playing Utah is offering a "VIRTUAL" category for events & attractions. Make sure to login & submit your events or email


Google YOUR Business

Google YOUR Business

During these shifting tides don’t forget to update your Google business profile to accurately reflect adjusted hours or curbside dining options. ‘Posts’ can also help communicate important messaging. Use your Member Portal login to access the three Google seminars. Contact Miranda Maisto for assistance.


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Meet Our New Members!


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