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October 2019

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Thank You!

Since announcing my move from Visit Salt Lake to Tourism Toronto, I have experienced the gamut of emotions while remembering all we’ve collectively accomplished. As I’ve said numerous times in the last couple of weeks, I have woken up each and every day of the past 14 years excited for what this community—and in particular, our hospitality partners and you, our valued members—is creating and accomplishing. It’s been exciting and rewarding, and our collective achievements have been considerable. I look forward to watching what’s next for Salt Lake, as its reputation continues to grow as Utah’s economic, cultural and urban hub. I love Salt Lake and everything it offers throughout the year, so trust me when I say that you will have no better advocate for this community north of the border than me, and I will cheer each and every success you come to enjoy.

As one of my final official acts as President & CEO of Visit Salt Lake, I, along with a few Visit Salt Lake team members, had the honor of presenting the Executive Summary of VSL’s 2020 Budget and Comprehensive Sales & Marketing Plan to the membership during the recent 3rd Quarter Member Update. Critical to ensuring the long-term success of our meeting, convention and leisure travel industry, the VSL team will focus on three primary strategic initiatives in 2020: Industry-specific member training outreach, bringing back trade shows by leveraging SPCC’s unique features and sustainable practices, and produce and publish messaging and story-telling around our ‘blaze new trails’ narrative. While these will be the focus, rest assured the VSL team will remain vigilant to the ever-changing nature of our industry, adapting and acting accordingly as is our nature and always will be.

Thank you again for 14 incredible years as President & CEO of Visit Salt Lake, the never-ending support you have offered, and for entrusting me in leading this incredible team in our efforts to fulfill the very worthwhile and critical mission of VSL on behalf of Salt Lake’s hospitality industry, Salt Lake County and, most importantly, the residents of Salt Lake.

Scott Beck

December YOY Hotel Occupancy Forecast

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Visit Salt Lake has developed occupancy forecasting models by using STR Analytics daily hotel data. STR Analytics produces a ‘Daily Trend Report’ (DTR). The DTR is a report of hotels’ daily percentage occupancy, average daily rate, and resulting RevPAR. Visit Salt Lake has purchased a subscription to DTR for Salt Lake in two sets. One for total Salt Lake County (approx. 19,700 rooms), and the other for the Salt Lake County Convention District (“SLCD,” approx. 6,400 rooms). By simple interpolation, we derive the data set for Salt Lake hotels that are located outside the SLCD (approx. 13,300 rooms).

VSL has DTR information from January 1, 2012, to the present. Hotels in the SLCD are located in the downtown area, and 98% of their hotel reservation systems are directly linked to STR Analytics. This enables STR to produce its DTR with a high degree of accuracy and provides reliable insight into the effects of events in Salt Lake. Approximately 80% of the hotels inside Salt Lake County but outside of the SLCD link their reservation systems to STR Analytics. The other hotels participate in surveys conducted by STR.

The graph above shows hotel occupancy forecasts for November 2019. Occupancy forecasts are estimated by the number of convention attendees, day-of-week, seasonality, and location.

There are two graphs for each forecasted month:

  • Hotel occupancy inside the SLCD
  • Hotel occupancy outside the SLCD

The graphs also show historic year-over-year occupancy rates, convention dates, and claimed convention attendance.

Salt Lake's Top Fall Events

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Salt Lake's Top Fall Events

While you’re waiting for the fresh powder to fall and hesitantly packing up those shorts, we want to make sure you enjoy all the festivities that come along with this fiery-hued season. Pumpkins, Halloween, apple cider, football games, street fairs, and cold beer anyone? It’s time to pack your schedule with autumn events any socialite would be jealous of. So take advantage of this pleasant breeze and enjoy these quintessential top 15 fall events happening around Salt Lake.

Utah's Vibrant Tech Scene

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Utah's Vibrant Tech Scene

It might be time to rename Utah’s Silicon Slopes. The label almost suggests our tech scene is only a snow-capped version of Silicon Valley instead of a stand-alone hub that’s turning heads and changing minds about what’s possible in the Beehive State.

Punch Bowl Social

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Salt Lake's Gateway Mall Welcomes Punch Bowl Social

The Gateway Mall in downtown Salt Lake is seeing a resurgence, and the most recent announcement includes the 21+ Punch Bowl Social. It's described as "an idea of creating a social environment that brings together social gaming, a scratch kitchen, and craft beverages." Salt Lake's nightlife scene continues to thrive, and The Punch Bowl Social is just one more hot spot to add to your list.

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Tip of the Month: Header Images

We all know a picture is worth a thousand words, so what thousands of words are selling your business?

Take a minute to review your web listing’s header image and then click the Photo jump down button. High quality images will sell your business above all. For restaurants, try to include some shots of your dining room and popular dishes. Hotels should include amenities such as pools and business centers in addition to guest rooms and exterior shots. Convention-related businesses should include some sample works. You can always add additional explanation in your description.

Header images need to be 1800x675 pixels. All other images on your listing can be up to 800x675. Uploading images that are close to these dimensions will provide the best results. Remember our site is responsive, meaning content will be displayed across mobile and desktop devices. To manage your current images and upload new ones log in to your Member Portal.

For questions or additional assistance please contact Miranda Maisto.

Snowpine Lodge

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Featured Member: Snowpine Lodge

If you have what some call Alta-tude then you know Snowpine Lodge had been under renovation since spring 2017 and is now ready to impress. As one of the oldest buildings in Little Cottonwood Canyon, the Snowpine was originally a mine shelter followed by a post office and general store before becoming the first year-round luxury lodge in Alta nestled at the top of the Snowpine lift.

The luxurious Stillwell Spa and the fully stocked game room, cozily called The Nest, are both covered in original granite quarried from the canyon in the late 1800's - maintaining the buildings notable charm. While the granite may be longstanding, there is nothing timeworn about the guestrooms added on the upper levels nor the multiple patios that provide magnificent views of the mountainside.

Officially reopened for businesses January 2019, the Snowpine is upping the ante for accommodations in Alta and we cannot wait for another snowy season.

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Nightmare on 13th

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