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August 2019

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The U.N. Civil Society Conference is Coming!

As I hope you know, our community is hosting the 68th United Nations’ Civil Society Conference later this month, August 26-28, here at the Salt Palace Convention Center, with an attendance of up to 5,000 representatives from more than 300 non-governmental organizations representing more than 80 countries. This is the first time in the 68-year history of event the conference is being hosted in the United States outside of New York City. The conference is traditionally held at UN Headquarters, but has also recently been hosted by leading global cities, including Melbourne, Australia; Paris, France; Mexico City, Mexico; and Bonn, Germany.

Hosting International events is something we do well, as we showed the world with our successful hosting of the 2002 Winter Olympics. As we saw when we hosted MPI, ASAE and, most recently, Connect, it is our community’s human kindness and volunteerism that is our ‘secret sauce.’ And we need your help with the UN event this month, big time! We are currently in dire need of volunteers to fill the more than 900 volunteer shifts required to pull off this event with the aplomb our clients and guests have come to expect. I therefore beg of you to rally your staff, your friends and even your neighbors to help out and step up to once again show the world just how spectacular our community, and its people, are.

Volunteer opportunities include serving as community ambassadors stationed at the airport, around the city and near the Calvin L. Rampton Salt Palace Convention Center, within the Salt Palace and in the Hall of Friendship. Volunteers are asked to fulfill a minimum of two (2) four-hour shifts Aug, 26-28, 2019, and one two-hour training day on either August 25 or 26. To volunteer, go here to fill out an application

As I’ve said, the United Nations affirmed our community’s position as a global destination by selecting Salt Lake to host this prestigious conference, and this is a great way to showcase why we’re one of the country’s most inclusive and sustainable places for business as well as an authentic destination for meeting and the convention industry.

Thank you in advance for making the U.N. Conference a success!

Scott Beck

October YOY Hotel Occupancy Forecast

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Visit Salt Lake has developed occupancy forecasting models by using STR Analytics daily hotel data. STR Analytics produces a ‘Daily Trend Report’ (DTR). The DTR is a report of hotels’ daily percentage occupancy, average daily rate, and resulting RevPAR. Visit Salt Lake has purchased a subscription to DTR for Salt Lake in two sets. One for total Salt Lake County (approx. 19,700 rooms), and the other for the Salt Lake County Convention District (“SLCD,” approx. 6,400 rooms). By simple interpolation, we derive the data set for Salt Lake hotels that are located outside the SLCD (approx. 13,300 rooms).

VSL has DTR information from January 1, 2012, to the present. Hotels in the SLCD are located in the downtown area, and 98% of their hotel reservation systems are directly linked to STR Analytics. This enables STR to produce its DTR with a high degree of accuracy and provides reliable insight into the effects of events in Salt Lake. Approximately 80% of the hotels inside Salt Lake County but outside of the SLCD link their reservation systems to STR Analytics. The other hotels participate in surveys conducted by STR.

The graph above shows hotel occupancy forecasts for October 2019. Occupancy forecasts are estimated by the number of convention attendees, day-of-week, seasonality, and location.

There are two graphs for each forecasted month:

  • Hotel occupancy inside the SLCD
  • Hotel occupancy outside the SLCD

The graphs also show historic year-over-year occupancy rates, convention dates, and claimed convention attendance.


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The Tour of Utah is Here

Since 2004 the Tour of Utah has been pedaling the toughest stage race in America, and starting August 12th, it's back for another edition. Some cyclists might argue that it’s the prettiest and most scenic stage race in the world—and we can’t argue with that.

10 Best Public Parks in Salt Lake

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Salt Lake’s 10 Best Public Parks

From incredible mountain-backdrop views to summer-friendly options for the kids, Salt Lake has some incredible parks. Equal parts urban and mountain-set, our range of public parks has something for everyone. Pack a picnic and some sunscreen, and get planning your next weekend afternoon park adventure because we’re giving you the goods on Salt Lake’s top 10 public parks.

Salt Lake's Finest Patio Dining and Drinking

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Salt Lake's Finest Patio Dining and Drinking

It's true: Salt Lake's spring, summer, and fall nights are tough to top. And there's nothing like a delicious meal or cool beer enjoyed out in the fresh air. Fortunately, there are plenty of excellent bars and restaurants around to accommodate. Some are in the heart of the city, some are tucked away in the neighborhoods, and a few are high in the surrounding mountains. We recommend a tasting tour of every single one.

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Tip of the Month: Convention Calendar vs Convention Profile

One of the most sought after benefits of being a member of Visit Salt Lake is access to our Convention Calendar and Convention Profiles. As soon as Visit Salt Lake finalizes booking a meeting or convention, we immediately upload the information, including the meeting planner’s full contact details to the Convention Calendar in the Member Portal. When available, the Convention Profile will list the upcoming meeting and convention’s itinerary so you can better plan for your business to thrive during these busy times. Currently, Salt Lake has meetings and conventions booked through 2032 and the information is at your fingertips.

To access this information simply login to your Member Portal from our website and navigate to the Reports tab on the left of the Homepage. You will then see both options for the Convention Calendar and Convention Profile. The best way to utilize these tools is to work it into your weekly to-do list so you don’t miss any promising leads.

If you have any questions on how to access this information you can reach out to Miranda Maisto, or use the new "Click Here to Contact Us" button in your Member Portal.

Judy Cullen

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Judy Cullen Named Visit Salt Lake’s Managing Director of Partner Development

It is with great pleasure and excitement that I am joining Visit Salt Lake’s Partner Development team. In this new role, I will be managing strategic partnerships with Salt Lake businesses engaged in the hospitality tourism industry and will also oversee VSL’s Governance Programs.

My career began with Salt Lake’s Gastronomy, Inc., in the role of Communications Director, then Salt Lake Brewing Company’s Director of Marketing and, most recently, as the Tsunami Restaurant Group’s Marketing Director. I have also served on the boards of the Downtown Alliance, Salt Lake Area Restaurant Association, Mayor’s Business Advisory Committee, Vest Pocket Business Coalition, Downtown Merchants Association, the Salt Lake Acting Company, Salt Lake County Board of Health and various Park City-area organizations.

Being in the restaurant industry for many years I have had the pleasure of getting to know a wide variety of businesses and individuals and have actively cultivated opportunities to partner with like-minded organizations. I am passionate about partnerships and community building and strongly believe that forming collaborations both within and outside of our community is an extremely important way to promote and support the amazing city and state in which we all live, work and play.

I look forward to working with all of you and hope to see you at our next Member Connection!

Judy Cullen
Managing Director of
Partner Development

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Aug 7 Backstreet Boys DNA World Tour
Aug 7 Wiz Khalifa: The Decent Exposure Tour
Aug 9 - 10 2019 Sandy Balloon Festival and 5K
Aug 9 - 11 11th Annual Craft Lake City DIY Festival
Aug 10 Wasatch International Food Festival
Now - Sept 7 Hale Center Theatre Presents "Cinderella"


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